The Shopify Office Concierge

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A few weeks ago we were talking to our friend Dan about an idea his company was contemplating. That idea was an Office Concierge — A dedicated person within a company who's only job is to make life easier for all the other employees.

Forgot to send anniversary flowers to your significant other? Office Concierge has your back. Have clothes that need to be dry cleaned? Office Concierge will handle it. Need a gift card for that birthday party you're heading to after work. Office Concierge has you covered.

While shouting out the use cases for the Office Concierge, it was clear that a large percentage of the scenarios involved making a purchase. We instantly thought of Shopify as a solution to streamline this idea for both the Office Concierge and the employees.

How it Would Work

Step 1: Hire someone to be your company's Office Concierge (or add the responsibility to you know who, they're never really doing anything anyways).

Step 2: Sign up for Shopify (we can help with that).

Step 3: Add your concierge services as products in your Shopify store (again we can help with that).

Step 4: Tell the company about your new, genius idea via your office intranet (or use whatever internal office communication thing your company uses, that no one reads).

Bonus Step: Pick up a Shopify Card Reader so the Office Concierge can take orders from anywhere. The lunchroom, the bathroom, you get the idea.

In Conclusion

What you're essentially creating is a dropshipping store of services that your employees can shop from. You're making their life's easier, so they're happy. Happy employees = better work. Better work = increased company profits. Mo money = mo problems. But don't worry about that, the Office Concierge will take care of it.

If this idea peaked your interest, drop us a line: We'd be happy to make you look good at your next board meeting :).

Photo: Taken from Wes Anderson's trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel.