Don’t Sleep On: Levi Maestro

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You know who put us on Levi Maestro? Kanye West. Back when Mr. West had his Kanye University Blog and was posting on the regular, he featured this video: Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (Nike Air Yeezy). That first episode of Levi Maestro’s freshly launched show had a little bit of everything that we loved — art, culture, music and kicks.

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That was over five years ago. What’s followed for Levi has been multiple seasons of Maestro Knows, collaborations with some of world’s biggest brands and most recently a brand of his own, Becomb.

What’s inspired us most about Levi and what keeps us coming back for more is the common thread woven through all his work — do and create what you love. He shared these words with his first video of 2013:

Behind every big name there are many people with big ideas, I guess you could call me one of those people. Fortunately I’ve put enough effort forward to afford the opportunity to let some of my ideas shine and this video above is another premature example of just that. I’m only writing this for a few people, the ones that over the years have watched, listened, and wondered which way they can push their ideas and aspirations to that next level. If you’re reading this now, then you know exactly who you are.

Up Later Than You - Shopify

This Don’t Sleep On feature is a way for us to highlight the tastemakers, the influencers and the pushers of culture. The ones who know, see it and inspire us to be artists. Levi Maestro is all of those things. Don’t sleep on Levi Maestro.


Lead photo by Scott Regan.